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Half Moon Table Refresh

Today I am sharing a furniture refresh for a table I use as a landing spot in my entryway.  I picked this table up at a local antique store because it was the perfect length for a spot in my entryway and it is narrow enough that it doesn't obtrude into the walkway too much.  This little table has great bones - especially the scallops and lower shelf.

The finish was a dark mahogany which was a bit too heavy for my space, so I decided to lighten this piece up with some fresh paint.  Since it was such a small surface I used an 8 ounce container of chalk paint that I picked up from my local Home Depot.

I planned to paint the entire piece with a light aqua shade.  As I worked my way up the piece from the base I loved the effect that the paint was giving over the finish.  I began to paint the top of the table and took a second to stand back.

As soon as I stepped back, I realized that I wanted to leave the top with the darker finish as a contrast.  Of course I had already begun painting…

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